1962 Bambi
Purchased July 4th weekend 2013
at the Birthday Bash Rally
Slippery Rock, PA

We worked a full day on July 3rd, our first travel day finally hitting the road at about 7pm, with the first destination being Penn Wood Airstream Park (http://www.pennwood.org/) just off I-80’s exit 56 in western PA.  We pulled in to Penn Wood at about 11pm and left the Airstream (Excella 1000) hitched to the truck for a quick departure the next morning.  The following morning, July 4th, had us up and touring the photogenic park by foot with cameras in hand.  Here are some of the morning photos of Penn Wood.  After the foot tour and squaring up at the office we departed for Cooper Lake Campground in Slippery Rock.  We had one stop to make prior to jumping on I-80 West, a visit to the butcher at Clarion Farms Beef Market (see http://www.clarionfarms.com/).  Upon inquiring about our favorite cut of meat, It just so happened they had a secret stash of fresh rib-eye in the back.  We were stocked up with fresh beef for the B’day Bash gathering. 

After an hour or so drive we pulled into the immense complex called Cooper’s Lake Campground (www.cooperslake.com).  As we pulled up to the office for check-in we gazed upon a 1962 Airstream Bambi sitting on a plot of grass with a For Sale sign stuck to the front window.  While we had not been actively looking for another vintage Airstream project, this one HAD to happen.  We promptly called the number and were told an offer had already been made by someone in our Airstream group.  Damn – was this going to spark a bidding war with an Airstream buddy?  We discovered the other offer, which we bested by $150, was made by none other than – Mossback Doug.  He very kindly backed-off and by the end of the day on July 5th the owner had accepted our offer.  The ’62 Bambi was ours!  Vintage Airstream Club (http://vintageairstreamclub.com/ ) and Tin Can Tourists (http://www.tincantourists.com )…we’re back!

At this juncture we were presented with the challenge of getting two Airstreams home with one tow vehicle.  We hitched up the Bambi and brought it over to Penn Wood where it stayed for a week. 

Presently the Bambi sits in my driveway where I have been busy restoring it.  A true labor of love.  Documentation of the restoration process will follow soon.  For anyone who may be considering the same undertaking, following is the parts list to date...

Date Source Item Cost  Cost
7-Jul VTS misc 340.49  
7-Jul VTS door gasket 27.83  
8-Jul VTS hitch lock/cauking    $          70.30
1-Aug Tractor Supply battery    $        100.00
17-Aug VTS door latch    $          10.50
23-Aug VTS florring screws    $          13.41
6-Sep AdventureRV water heater    $        468.00
8-Sep Home Depot misc    $        127.00
16-Sep Last Stop Welding welding    $        150.00
17-Sep Home Depot Misc    $          76.09
18-Sep Aircraft Spruce Wing head stud    $             5.63
24-Sep Aircraft Spruce Wing head stud    $             6.31
1-Oct NJ-DMV Registration    $          46.50
2-Oct VTS stripper 65.53  
4-Oct Forest Lumber flooring    $          86.53
6-Oct Home Depot drill bits/vent 24.88  
7-Oct Camping World water pump    $          82.15
8-Oct Paint n Place Paint    $          90.07
8-Oct Home Depot paint supplies    $          13.18
8-Oct Home Depot paint supplies    $          47.99
8-Oct Home Depot paint supplies    $          33.52
9-Oct Ace Hardware paint supplies    $          17.30
12-Oct Home Depot wood supplies    $        197.99
12-Oct Home Depot wood supplies    $        155.72
14-Oct Airstream sealer    $          86.10
15-Oct DwellSmart flooring 368.24  
15-Oct Home Depot stain    $          44.23
16-Oct Home Depot stain    $          19.84
17-Oct Ace Hardware screen    $          10.69
17-Oct Home Depot flooring supplies    $          30.11
17-Oct UPS Store shipping fee (floor)    $          35.00
18-Oct Wisewood vaneer    $        238.43
21-Oct VTS plumbing    $          45.81
22-Oct VTS breakaway switch    $          25.41
22-Oct Rockaway Hardware Screen    $          30.00
25-Oct Home Depot plumbing 37.38  
26-Oct Home Depot plumbing    $          83.29
26-Oct Home Depot plumbing    $          55.17
27-Oct Radio Shack switch    $          10.25
28-Oct Home Depot formica    $          85.60
29-Oct Home Depot plumbing    $          53.43
29-Oct Home Depot plumbing    $             5.90
30-Oct Home Depot stain    $             8.31
30-Oct Home Depot plumbing    $          28.41
31-Oct Home Depot plumbing    $             4.54
31-Oct Home Depot formica supplies    $          30.71
1-Nov PC Richard fridge    $        149.77
1-Nov Home Depot hardware    $          27.51
12-Nov Home Depot plumbing    $          77.04
5-Nov Home Depot hardware    $             5.01
5-Nov Home Depot plumbing    $          43.85
15-Nov Home Depot staining supplies    $          19.71
15-Nov Home Depot staining supplies    $          25.62
21-Nov Home Depot hardware    $          27.28
22-Nov Home Depot bits    $             8.50
2-Dec Home Depot tubing    $          10.27
4-Dec NAPA reflectors    $          29.62
Sub total     $864.35  $    3,153.60
Total      $4017.95  

...to be continued

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