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Unfortunately, Dave and I only made three of the four. We took a wrong bearing of Lone (just like last time), ended up doing  a peak that turned out to be three miles away instead of one mile and happens to be much more rocky, icy, craggy, treacherous, and contains some of the thickest Balsam forest in the Catskills. In rechecking the map we should have headed 80 degrees instead of 60. I think the compass was partially frozen or something. We didn't realize it until we got to the top and very luckily found the cannister. We had ascended the dreaded Friday Mountain, perhaps one of the most inaccessible, inhospitable peaks but scenic peaks in the Catskills. We were drenched to the bone, dislodging copious amounts of snow as we squeezed, forced and snapped our way through thick balsam forests for almost an hour, constantly snapping branches off as we forced our way up and through, sometimes with only a foot width between trees, climbing ice covered rock formations containing numerous shallow caves, climbing over huge fallen pines that sometimes fell in patterns that created a warren of impenetrability. When I dropped my ski pole, it couldn't even hit the ground the trees were so close together. My thumbs still feel bruised from mild frostbite. Having found the cannister, we luckily were able to reorient and make it back down to the Neversink River that we all camped alongside a few falls ago.  It was an 11 1/2 hour slog. By the way, this was the same combination of peaks (Lone and Rocky) that did us in on that fall trip where we came back at 11:30 p.m.  This time, unfortunately, we didn't end up getting to Rocky, but we did add two additional ones, Peekamoose and Table. Unfortunately my winter 35er certificate will have to wait till next year; I am shy one mountain! The hike was beautiful, with the trees sugarcoated with yesterday's snow storm. When the sun shone through over the top of the mountain in the morning, the canopy looked like a crystal chandelier. Over and out, end of last snowstorm of winter report. Abner

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       Hey Guys,
       How was the peaking? Hope it was good and if you made it, congrats!!!!!!
       Here is Lauren's evitation. Hope to see you there.
       -- G

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