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We own a 2001 Land Rover Discovery 2 (Kalahari edition) and a 2003 Disco (Sport).  As any Rover owner knows, ownership comes with great challenges in keeping any Rover in proper running order.  Our Discos both fit this mold times two.  In the four and one year of ownership we have faced every predicted mechanical challenge. If you are looking for a 4x4 project with a low cost of entry the Disco fits the bill.

With all of that being said the Disco's off-road performance is legendary and fun to experience first hand.  If you can work a wrench you will enjoy the tragedies and triumphs that Disco ownership brings.  Oh sure that your AAA membership is up to date.

If you have any historical Land Rover material that you would like to share with fellow enthusiasts - I will gladly host your content here.  Please reach out to me at dave at

Land Rover - Discovery 2 - Video Handbook (2000) Part 1 of 3

Video from Land Rover North America on the Series 2 Discovery. Relevant to all owners of this great vehicle.

Chapter 1: Getting Comfortable
Chapter 2: Safety and Security
Chapter 3: Instruments and Controls
Chapter 4: In-Car Entertainment
Chapter 5: Climate Control System
Chapter 6: Stowing and Towing
Chapter 7: Design Hallmarks
Chapter 8: The Transmission and Four-Wheel Driver
Chapter 9: Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
Chapter 10: For Your Information

NEWS ITEM: Land Rover announces launch of Heritage division

Land Rover Heritage

April 9, 2014:  Just completed the D2 driver seat modification.  Instructions say an hour for completion.  For me it was more like 2 1/2 hours.  I am 6' 2" and this mod makes a world of a difference behind the wheel.  Click here.

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