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"A sailor reaches his destination the moment the sails are raised." --Unknown

Our crew on the 1998 St. Martin to Guadeloupe trip.

Sailing is a great sport, relaxing when you want it to be and exhilarating in heavy winds.  Our small "starter" boat is a Seaward 24 sloop, CHEL-SEA, home port Bridgeport, Conn.  We sail with our two kids and Scottish Terrier named Jib.  It gets tight with all the people/animals, but sailing the Long Island Sound for a short 12 mile sail across to Port Jefferson, Long Island is bearable.  Of course, having friends on boats in the harbor, ready for a swim and happy hour, make it a fun weekend.  So if you're in the area, look for us and join us for a party.

Our local sailing adventures have taken place in the waters from New York City up to Martha's Vineyard, and many points in between.  If you would like detailed information on sailing in this area, send us an email.

Every other winter is reserved for the big sailing trips; we charter boats in the Caribbean with 20-30 friends.  We made the group charter trip four times now.  We've hit the Virgins twice, The Grenadine and the Leewards.  The wind in the islands is always big, and the harbors and beaches beautiful.   Where to next?

So maybe we will see you out there on the high seas.

            The wind that blows
             The ship that goes
              And the lass that
                loved a sailor!

Pilgrimage Photo Albums

Pilgrimage 1991

Pilgrimage 2


Below is the New York Yacht Club's response to the recent attack on the America's Cup Trophy at the New Zealand Yacht Club facility:

In the NYYC's denouncing of the attack on the trophy, they neglected to mention what provoked the attack,  most likely because it was a quasi-terrorist act.  The indigenous people of New Zealand have experienced repression since the "white man" settled on their island.  However, few people outside of New Zealand are aware that a form of racial disharmony exists amongst this little nation of sailors.  It is my view that the attack has brought this situation to light for the world to take notice.  The trophy is in England being repaired at the cost of the New Zealand Yacht Club.  I don't condone the attack, but I find the NYYC wrong for not mentioning the circumstances.

Besides, who knew that sailing could get political?  Your feedback on this subject is welcome.  I can be reached at


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